Influx Networking

Herman Miller

Through the years, Influx Networking has created several solutions that provide us the experience to bring to bear on your issues and concerns. A few of our solutions are discussed below, and you can click on the title for more in depth information.

Influx has created several complete solutions, for companies ranging from manufacturing to electronics repair. These are solid 'run-the-business' systems that provide a competitive edge to our customers over their counterparts who try to use off-the-shelf systems such as Great Plains or MAS to solve their needs, only to find them inflexible, not to mention many times more expensive.

EDI (Electronic Data Integration) is a requirement in many industries. Influx Networking has our own innovative platform that eliminates that first $20,000.00 expenditure most EDI Implementations need. We have experience in the Automotive, Office Furniture, and Retail Industries, and can handle any of your EDI (and XML for Steelcase) needs.

Quickbooks Integration
When you find yourself keying information from another computer system into Quickbooks, you should call us ASAP. We integrate fully with all versions of Quickbooks using the Quickbooks SDK. One project saved 2 days of work EACH WEEK for one of our customers, and cost less than $1000.00.

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