Influx Networking

Herman Miller

Influx Networking has the knowledge and expertise to create a complete solution for your company, from taking orders, through order fulfillment, tracking inventory, and supply chain management.
Our solution integrates with your financial reporting system to provide everything needed to run the business.

There are several key advantages to using a custom system to run your business:

  1. Software designed to follow your optimized processes, not forcing you to follow the software developer's process.
  2. Software that works with your current systems, not forcing you to purchase all new hardware and ancillary devices.
  3. You pay only for revisions to the software that you want, not what some other customer wants and that you will never use.
  4. Fast turnaround of revisions requested.
  5. Lower cost, both in the long and short term

We currently offer Influx Manufacturing, a comprehensize ERP system for manufacturing companies, implemented for under $20,000.00.
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