Influx Networking

Herman Miller

Your  EDI/XML  Specialists
With over 25 years of EDI experience, we GUARANTEE that we will:

  • FREE up your time

  • Reduce your costs

  • Improve your service

  • Quickly get you into compliance with your trading partners and regulatory agencies.

Coordinator Service

With the EDI/XML Coordinator Service, The YES Men provide an outsourced EDI/XML Coordination system - manage inbound and outbound documents, track, audit and control individual documents, monitor system performance, and enhance your system as needed or required by government regulations.

How you save:
  • No training costs needed to run your EDI/XML

  • Sophisticated and timely monitoring, audits, and controls

  • Experts that understand your company's needs

  • The YES Men are knowledgeable in all major computing platforms - Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Midrange, and Mainframe based systems.

The YES Men can provide this as a one-time service to get your EDI/XML house in order, or we can provide an ongoing support service to guarantee you a low-cost EDI/XML program that solves your problems.

Custom Mapping

The YES Men are experienced in many different types of data mapping software, from several different vendors. We have worked with Value Added Networks (VANS) from:

  • GXS

  • Harbinger

  • Sterling

  • Advantis

  • ..... and many others

More importantly, we understand the language of EDI and how EDI works.

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